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Women Colleagues

ACE Recruiting

Looking to diversify your workforce?

If you're a business, no matter how big or small, looking to hire a few smart, tech-savvy women, our database is always strong enough with ACE profiles capable of formulating your A-team. All you need is a draft of the skillsets you're looking for and the responsibility of finding you the right professional is ours.

Looking for a career in STEAM ???

The youthfulness of a fresh graduate, the resourcefulness of a professional, and the maturity of a senior executive - we believe there's a pro in everyone and value the skillsets each of them can bring on to the corporate set up.


At ACE & Co, our efforts are integrated to recognize, explore, and hone the professional aptitude of women professionals and make them industry-ready. Join our custom training sessions today and see how your

career can discover the newer horizons.


Once a part of the ACE family, we promise to be there for you throughout. Be it through our bespoke career enhancement programs, introducing you to our huge network of recruiters, or helping you make the next major career move - we'll have your back always!

Reach out to us today! Click the icon the represents where you are in your career and upload your resume! 

Fill out the following form and one of our recruiters will contact you shortly to set up a meeting and advance with the process

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